Building Healthcare Resiliency Through Employee Personal Preparedness   [open pdf - 941KB]

From the Abstract: "Hospital Emergency Departments are at the forefront of disaster response. It is increasingly important to provide health care workers with the resources and support to achieve emergency personal preparedness at home, so they can respond to emergencies while ensuring continuity of care and patient safety. The purpose of this study is to determine the baseline of personal preparedness and test the efficacy of a personal preparedness informational intervention using a pretest-posttest research model. EM [Emergency Management] staff sought a better understanding of the interventional impact of this information. They also looked to determine whether to augment their approach or information to drive better outcomes. This study uses a pretest-posttest research design with a sample of clinical and non-clinical employees. Results demonstrate that targeted interventions can make a measurable difference in the personal preparedness of both clinical and non-clinical hospital staff. By providing staff with personal preparedness information and resources, we build a more resilient Health System for times of major emergencies and disasters."

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