Policing the Aerotropolis: A Model for Securing the Nation's Large Airports   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis Abstract: "As aviation continues to be the fastest and most efficient form of global transportation, airports across the country continue to see exponential growth in size and population. This expansion means airports will remain a high-value target to crime and terrorism. The need to protect the airport environment against these threats is essential. The responsibility of policing the nation's major airports is unique and full of challenges. Airport police must balance the requirements of providing security to a critical infrastructure and highly transient population, with the needs of protecting the surrounding businesses and commercial developments around the airport. This research answers the question of whether traditional policing models are effective in protecting and serving this unique environment or if a new model should be adapted to suit the needs of policing the aerotropolis better. Research findings, combined with a comparative analysis of policing methods at major U.S. airports, show that a dedicated, highly proactive, and customer-oriented police force is vital in ensuring the nation's large airports and the aviation industry continue to play a vital role in the world economy."

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