Fire When Ready: A Needs-Based Analysis of Firearms in the U.S. Fire Sector   [open pdf - 590KB]

From the thesis Abstract: "Recent active shooter incidents and other on-the-job violent encounters have caused U.S. fire departments to consider arming their personnel. Since governmental bodies and safety agencies have failed to establish firearms-use guidelines within the fire sector, many fire service decision-makers have arbitrarily adopted gun carry policies. This thesis investigates the most relevant factors such as firearms program costs, gun training concerns, and safety agency positions on firearms for the U.S. fire sector to consider when establishing firearms programs and employs a comparative options analysis methodology. Issues surrounding proper training in gun use and gun storage, the lack of safety agency guidance, and conflicting gun policy attitudes are some of the crucial elements addressed. This work evaluates the Department of Public Safety (DPS), Tactical Fire Team (TFT), and conceal carry programs, which can be leveraged by fire stakeholders to make informed decisions as they consider including firearms in their operational models. Finally, this study concludes that departments should fashion firearms programs in the image of established armed teacher programs, which have yielded the most robust safety records and that the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) should be assigned to set standards for a full suite of safe gun practices. Moreover, if properly motivated, the federal government can enact one national firearms policy for fire service members."

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