Connecting Law Enforcement Records Management Systems   [open pdf - 972KB]

From the thesis Abstract: "Every law enforcement agency uses records management systems (RMS) that contain a wealth of information essential for investigations or intelligence. This information includes crime reports, arrest reports, name records, and property records. The ability to share this information between law enforcement agencies, especially those with bordering jurisdictions, would appear beneficial to the homeland security enterprise; however, this thesis reveals that sharing RMS data is not occurring as often as expected. Direct RMS connections are uncommon, and law enforcement agencies possess valuable information hemmed off in seclusion. This thesis examines a research-based RMS model and other systems that attempt to solve the data-sharing problem. One case study reveals the costly failure of a records system commissioned by the FBI. A survey and interviews of Texas police agencies reveal gaps in information sharing, including many not furnishing data to exchange networks. Although fusion centers and regional information-sharing systems (RISS) provide valuable intelligence and investigative products, many police agencies do not use these resources. How can law enforcement improve information sharing? The answer requires agency leaders to become educated on the many resources available and break down bureaucratic or political barriers that prevent the automated sharing of law enforcement RMS data."

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