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From the Summary: "All of the previous panels and commissions included in this analysis have identified similar gaps and challenges in the outbreak / pandemic preparedness, alert and response system, both on the international and national level. Their recommendations can be categorized in four key areas: WHO [World Health Organization], International Health Regulations (IHR), Global Health Security and Global Health Governance. The reports of most of the panels concluded that 'WHO needs to strengthen its role as the leading and coordinating organization' in the field of health, focusing both on its normative work, but also by building up unified, effective operational capacity for health emergencies. [...] Improving government transparency and accountability, empowering citizens and strengthening civil society as well as addressing and taking into account the gender dimensions within outbreak preparedness and response efforts, are 'additional key recommendations' made by various of the panels included in this short analysis. [...] COVID19 [coronavirus disease 2019] should be the final reason for the global community to strengthen the global and national pandemic preparedness and response systems, to increase resources for their implementation and for establishing well-functioning monitoring, evaluating and accountability mechanisms."

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Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, Background paper 1
Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response
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