Pipeline Security Guidelines [Updated April 2021]   [open pdf - 981KB]

From the Introduction: "The 2010 Pipeline Security Guidelines were developed with the assistance of industry and government members of the Pipeline Sector and Government Coordinating Councils, industry association representatives, and other interested parties. This document was soon revised resulting in the 2011 Pipeline Security Guidelines. The advancement of security practices to meet the ever changing threat environment in both the physical and cyber security realms required that the guidelines be updated again. Utilizing a similar industry and government collaborative approach, TSA developed this document, which supersedes the 2011 version of the Pipeline Security Guidelines. [...] These guidelines are applicable to operational natural gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipeline systems, natural gas distribution pipeline systems, and liquefied natural gas facility operators. Additionally, they apply to operational pipeline systems that transport materials categorized as toxic inhalation hazards (TIH). TIH materials are gases or liquids that are known or presumed on the basis of tests to be so toxic to humans as to pose a health hazard in the event of a release during transportation."

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