U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Strategy 2021-2026   [open pdf - 8MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The updated 'CBP [Customs and Border Protection] Strategy 2021-2026' introduces new Mission and Vision statements that describe our commitment to a safer and more prosperous nation and a set of Enduring Mission Priorities that describe our core missions in a succinct and meaningful way. The Strategy remains committed to a set of twelve Strategic Objectives as the key areas where CBP will focus its efforts and lays out specific activities and outcomes that must be achieved. [...] The 'CBP Strategy 2021-2026' also introduces the Enduring Mission Priorities which describe the reasons CBP exists as an agency and how we prioritize our responsibilities. The events driving the creation of the Department of Homeland Security led to the inclusion of 'Countering Terrorism,' and one of CBP's primary missions will always be protecting the Homeland from future terrorist attacks. A more recent focus of CBP, which increases in prominence every year, is 'Combat Transnational Crime.' CBP will also continue to focus on its core functional missions of 'Securing the Border,' 'Facilitating Travel' and 'Facilitating Trade and Protecting Revenue.'"

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CBP Publication No. 1280-1220; Customs and Border Protection Publication No. 1280-1220
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