H. Rept. 116-657: Hijacking Our Heroes: Exploiting Veterans Through Disinformation on Social Media, Report Together with Dissenting Views, December 16, 2020   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The threat of foreign individuals and organizations influencing United States (U.S.) elections by manipulating social media has been a persistent and growing issue since before the 2016 election year. The threat was a significant concern during the 2020 elections. Recent investigations and analysis document the broad proliferation of online influence campaigns that originate overseas. This includes the use of 'spoofing,' or the act of disguising an electronic communication from an unknown source as being from a known, trusted source. A subset of these operations target the veteran and military service member communities in order to misappropriate their voices, authority and credibility. The pervasiveness of social media, as well as the nature of the specific threat to our election integrity and the sowing of political discord makes this a critical issue affecting both veterans and those who value veterans' voices. As described by Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Mark Takano (D-CA) [Democrat from California], 'the issue of protecting our elections from foreign influence is one of critical importance to all Americans and preserving the power of veterans' voices should be of equal concern to us all.'"

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H. Rept. 116-657; House Report 116-657
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