Resetting Data Governance: Authorized Public Purpose Access and Society: Criteria for Implementation of APPA Principles   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "Data governance is the most pressing challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the field of healthcare, issues related to data governance, such as privacy, consent and the at times conflicting needs of individuals and society, are particularly acute. It is for this reason that the World Economic Forum has chosen healthcare as an entry point for addressing major issues on data governance: What is the desirable governance model for extracting value from personal information while handling that information with sufficient care? Establishing a data governance system for public health crises, including pandemics, could save lives while enhancing public trust in the use of data to further the public good. [...] As of April 2021, the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, with the number of infections and deaths still increasing. Strict curbs on travel and other public activity imposed immediately after the pandemic began helped to slow spread of the virus, allowing economic activity to resume. But the renewed activity soon led to a resurgence of infections, demonstrating the difficulty of managing the pandemic. Our team believes that a systematic and cross-national approach to handling personal information such as location and medical data is essential, not only to address the current crisis but to prepare for the next one. The approach will have to be widely trusted to ensure participation and compliance. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a data governance model that balances individual rights with the interests of data holders and the public interest."

2021 World Economic Forum
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