DoD Joint Service Chemical/Biological Defense Program Committee Staff Procurement Backup Book FY 2003 Budget Submission Procurement Defense-Wide   [open pdf - 839KB]

The DoD Chemical/Biological Defense (CBD) Program provides development and procurement of systems for U.S. forces to operate in all battlespaces contaminated with chemical and biological (CB) agents in support of U.S. counterproliferation policy. The probability of U.S. forces encountering CB agents remains high. In FY 2003, the CBD Program expands to support homeland security and combating terrorism initiatives of the President and the Department by providing those systems necessary to effectively deter and respond to acts of CB terrorism. The CBD Program continues to implement congressional direction to improve joint CBD capabilities and reflects an integrated jointly developed modernization program. This year's program funds the passive defense counterproliferation initiatives, enhances military support to civilian authorities with consequence management capabilities, and initiates strong homeland security programs to enhance CB preparedness. The CBD Program invests in technologies to provide improved capabilities that have minimal adverse impact on our warfighting potential. Joint and Service unique programs support the framework of the three tenets of CB defense: Contamination Avoidance (detection and identification) and NBC Battle Management (reconnaissance and warning of battlespace contamination to enable units to maneuver around the contamination), Force Protection (individual, collective, and medical support), and Decontamination. The FY 2003 budget adjusts CBD modernization efforts to meet the strategy as outlined in the September 2001 Report of the Quadrennial Defense Review and includes resources for CB sensors, early-detection systems and an integrated joint warning and reporting network for CB attacks; biological warfare defense vaccines, medical countermeasures and surveillance systems; improvement of protective suits and masks; and modernized decontamination systems that minimize environmental impact and are suitable for use on sensitive aircraft and electronic systems and for area decontamination of ports and airfields. In summary, the DoD CBDP remains committed to establishing the correct balance between the near term requirement to field modernized equipment to the field, and the need to protect and replenish our long term investment in technology.

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