Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccine Developers to Expand Manufacturing Capacity   [open pdf - 192KB]

From the Document: "Safe and efficacious vaccines are our best tools for defeating COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019], and an unprecedented research and development effort has led to 12 vaccines being approved for full, emergency, or limited use, globally. But to vaccinate the global population as quickly as possible requires additional production capacity. The available global production capacity may be sufficient in aggregate across all vaccine manufacturing platforms over an 18- to 24-month window. However, the total manufacturing capacity is insufficient for accelerated immunization across countries globally in the short-term (e.g., next six months) and is not sufficient in a disaggregate sense, i.e., for each individual vaccine type. There is a need to expand the manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines. There is continuing debate about how to create sufficient capacity of specific vaccine platforms such as mRNA [messenger ribonucleic acid] which some argue are more versatile for future preparedness efforts (Moore and Offit 2021, Wilfredo et al. 2021). Castillo et al. (2021) estimate that installed capacity for 3 billion annual vaccine courses leads to a global benefit of $17.4 trillion, making it vital from both a health and an economic perspective to build sufficient manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines."

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