Cities and Pandemics: Towards a More Just, Green and Healthy Future   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "To add to the existing evidence base on the relations between pandemics and urban areas, as well as pathways to inclusive recovery and rebuilding, the report's analysis focuses on forces that are central to shaping cities and their functions. [...] To guide those policy decisions, this report focuses on four timely priorities for the recovery and futureproofing of cities: [1] 'Rethinking the Form and Function of the City': In particular, how the urban morphologies and systems can be reconfigured at different scales to not only enhance their resilience to the effects of the pandemic, but also make them more sustainable and productive in the long term through inclusive planning. [2] 'Addressing Systemic Poverty and Inequality in Cities': Designing targeted interventions that mitigate the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] and related restrictions on poor and vulnerable groups through emergency assistance and service provision, while also taking steps to address the underlying causes of their exclusion. [3] 'Rebuilding a 'New Normal' Urban Economy': Developing a suite of tailored economic support and relief packages to help smaller businesses, informal workers and at-risk sectors to survive the crisis, with an emphasis on 'building back better' by promoting the transition to greener, more equitable urban economies. [4] 'Clarifying Urban Legislation and Governance Arrangements': Recognizing the need for more integrated, cooperative multi-level governance between national, regional and municipal governments, with an emphasis on developing more flexible and innovative institutional and financial frameworks for cities to respond effectively to the unfolding crisis."

2021 United Nations Human Settlements Programme
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