Covid-19 and Climate Change: How to Apply the Lessons of the Pandemic to the Climate Emergency   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The challenges posed by coronavirus and climate change are, of course, different in nature. Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is health-related rather than environmental; Covid-19 is potentially acute and relatively short-term, while climate change is chronic and long-term. But there are also significant areas of commonality. Both are challenges with local, national and global implications, requiring local, national and global solutions. Both require urgency of action because of the scale and pace of the problem. And both are susceptible to exponential escalation. [...] This paper sets out the key lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic - and how we can apply them to tackling climate change: 1. Act quickly. 2. Tackle the problem - or face new and more difficult challenges. 3. Economic success depends on positive health and environmental outcomes. 4. Failure anywhere is failure everywhere. 5. Build a strategy with sustained political leadership and commitment. 6. Mitigate and adapt at the same time. 7. Gather and use the right data. 8. Markets and technology will provide solutions if government sets the right framework. 9. Success depends on the right skills and supply chains. 10. Build and retain public trust and understanding."

2021 Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
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