Colombia: Challenges for U.S. Policymakers in 2021 [March 9, 2021]   [open pdf - 650KB]

From the Document: "Colombia's close alliance with the United States has been forged over 20 years from an enduring security and counter narcotics partnership [hyperlink] initiated under Plan Colombia and Peace Colombia. These strategies helped end a five-decade internal armed conflict that killed some 260,000 Colombians and displaced millions. Targeted violence still grips the country, complicated by a steep economic contraction of 6.8% [hyperlink] due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Many Members of Congress continue to focus on priority aspects of the U.S.-Colombia relationship: close collaboration on security and countering illicit drugs that are destined mainly for the U.S. market [hyperlink]; trade, energy, and other forms of cooperation; and Colombia's human rights record and social investment policies to foster post-conflict stability. Illicit cultivation of coca peaked in 2019 but remains at historically high levels, and Colombian cocaine is one driver of an overdose crisis [hyperlink] in the United States. Colombia presents a paradox for some observers. On the one hand, Colombia's reckoning with its long, drug-fueled conflict continues to divide the country. On the other hand, Colombia's innovation in addressing its security challenges, such as receiving nearly 2 million Venezuelans fleeing their crises-ridden country, points to Colombia's continued capacity for regional leadership."

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