H. Rept. 116-683, Part 1: National Commission on Online Platforms and Homeland Security Act, Report Together with Minority Views, to Accompany H.R. 4782, Including Cost Estimate of the Congressional Budget Office, December 21, 2020   [open pdf - 413KB]

From the Purpose and Summary: "H.R. 4782, the 'National Commission on Online Platforms and Homeland Security Act,' would create a bipartisan, 12-member Commission comprised of non-government experts to study the ways, if any, that online platforms, including platforms used for social media and social networking, have been utilized in furtherance of acts of targeted violence, including domestic and international terrorism, as well as covert foreign influence campaigns. The Commission would examine the implications of such use, if any, on free speech, privacy, civil rights and civil liberties, as well as actions taken by platform owners and operators in response to such utilization. The Commission would be tasked with developing recommendations for how online platforms could address such utilization in ways that promote transparency, free speech and innovation on the internet, preserve individual privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties, and uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution in accordance with relevant statutes, and take into account current or anticipated trends and technological developments, such as advancements in artificial intelligence."

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H. Rept. 116-683, Part 1; House Report 116-683, Part 1
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