Passing the Test: How to Safely Reopen the Economy   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Overview: "The government has published its plan to reopen the country. And with an ending to this phase of Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] nightmare now in sight, optimism has returned. But this plan can only become a reality if it takes a number of careful steps. [...] This paper sets out: [1] The progress the UK has made on mass testing. [2] What rapid tests are now available. [3] Why the critical element of our testing capacity will be rapid tests. [4] The role of testing, using the right tests for the right purpose. [5] How we incentivise people to test and, where necessary, isolate. [6] How we get testing in schools right. [7] How testing links to an overall digital health passport. Things we thought impossible at the beginning of this crisis have now become reality. We must continue to be ambitious in our thinking and embrace innovation and new ideas. This paper sets out the 'moonshots' the UK and others should focus on when it comes to monitoring the spread of Covid-19, and also proposes a new 'testing wallet', where people are paid to be tested. Our recommendations offer a way forward for the country that will allow the economy to revive and lives to be protected. It offers an alternative to the blunt instrument of lockdowns and a way for the government to truly ensure that this latest exit out of lockdown is indeed irreversible."

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