Counties and COVID-19: Positioning America for Recovery   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Key Takeaways: "[1] Counties are uniquely positioned to drive economic recovery, organize vaccine distribution and execute the local public health response. [2] COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] response costs are outpacing local revenues across the nation, leaving communities short on services, programs and jobs. [3] The high demand for local public health and safety services throughout the pandemic has increased local expenditures, especially as local governments seek to respond with 1 million fewer workers. [4] Counties are essential to the national strategy to vaccinate residents throughout the U.S., and county leaders are overseeing indispensable health and human services systems. [5] Long-term unemployment is increasing at concerning levels, further placing demand on local government services and increasing costs. [6] As county governments are forced to take austerity measures due to declining revenues and increased expenditures, the economy -- and therefore local communities and residents -- increasingly suffers, and will continue to suffer for years to come. [7] Counties invest funds responsibly and efficiently, injecting a much-needed boost to GDP [gross domestic product] and providing targeted aid to residents in need."

National Association of Counties
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