Report to Armed Services Committees on Screening Individuals Who Seek to Enlist in the Armed Forces   [open pdf - 4MB]

Alternate Title: Leveraging FBI Resources to Enhance Military Accessions Screening and Personnel Security Vetting

From the Executive Summary: "DoD is facing a threat from domestic extremists (DE), particularly those who espouse white supremacy or white nationalist ideologies. Some domestic extremist / terror groups (a) actively attempt to recruit military personnel into their group or cause, (b) encourage their members to join the military, or (c) join, themselves, for the purpose of acquiring combat and tactical experience. Military members are highly prized by these groups as they bring legitimacy to their causes and enhance their ability to carry out attacks. In addition to potential violence, white supremacy and white nationalism pose a threat to the good order and discipline within the military. Service members are prohibited from participating in or advocating for supremacist and other extremist ideology. Most Service-level policy directs Recruiting Commands to screen for and disqualify applicants who belong to domestic extremist / terror groups or espouse DE ideologies. The objective of this research studies was to evaluate the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) resources that could be incorporated into the DoD accessions program and the personnel security program to help better identify and remove extremists."

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OPA Report No. 2020-080-O; Office of People Analytics Report No. 2020-080-O; PERSEREC-RN-20-02-O; Defense Personnel Security Research Center Research Note 20-02-O
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