New Necessary: How We Future-Proof for the Next Pandemic   [open pdf - 663KB]

From the Introduction: "Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] has raged for over a year, its path littered with destruction. Lives lost, livelihoods destroyed, economies shaken. It has changed us in ways we may not even be able to comprehend. All of this, and still the challenge of the pandemic endures. With emerging strains of the virus and the race to vaccinate the world more like a marathon than a sprint, no immediate end appears in sight. [...] Two competing objectives have been at the forefront of government responses to date: How do we protect lives and simultaneously keep economies afloat? [...] In this paper, we draw on these successes and identify gaps in response to focus on an emerging third objective. 'How do we prepare for future pandemics?' This objective has taken on a more imminent importance. The next pandemic is likely not a new virus or plague, but a mutant strain of Covid-19 that is more deadly, more transmissible or resistant to antibodies. It could be all three. Therefore, the most important lesson of the last year has been the need to prepare."

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