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From the Webpage: "Protecting the safety and health of disaster responders is critical for obvious reasons, but a safe and healthy workforce is better able to provide the community with an effective, comprehensive, response and recovery. The resources in this Topic Collection focus on safety strategies (e.g., preventing fatigue, ensuring the availability and correct use of personal protective equipment) and maintaining behavioral health (e.g., working through stress and preventing/addressing compassion fatigue)." The resources are divided into the following sections for ease of navigation: [1] Must Reads; [2] Behavioral Health and Resilience: Research and General Guidance; [3] Behavioral Health and Resilience: Resources for Supervisors; [4] Behavioral Health and Resilience: Resources for Responders; [5] Education and Training; [6] Occupational Safety; [7] Personal Protective Equipment; [8] Plans, Tools, and Templates; [9] Responder Fatigue; [10] Select Occupational Safety and Health Standards; and [11] Agencies and Organizations.

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