Guide to Expanding Mitigation: Making the Connection to Electric Power   [open pdf - 7MB]

From the Document: "Electric power is essential for modern society to function. In addition to powering the lights in your home and every piece of technology you use, electricity is necessary for water, transportation, and communications systems. In an emergency, having reliable electric power systems is paramount, as they keep communities connected and sustain essential services. Despite the need for a reliable supply of electricity, the electric power sector is not typically engaged when communities plan for hazards. Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires pose a tremendous risk to power supplies by compromising a community's electric infrastructure. Communities must consider such impacts in their hazard mitigation plan and projects to reinforce and reimagine their electric power systems now, before the next disaster. Regional power authorities, renewable energy advocacy organizations, and industry experts should be engaged during the hazard mitigation planning process to share their insights on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resilience challenges. This 'Guide to Expanding Mitigation' shows how community officials can work with the public and private actors in the electric power sector to support hazard mitigation, especially in the planning process and project development. This guide can help community officials initiate a conversation about mitigation investments that will make electric power systems more resilient."

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