COVID-19 Pandemic and Trends in Technology: Transformations in Governance and Society   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic - the worst public health crisis in a generation - has been dubbed the 'great accelerator' of digital transformation. For countries around the world, technology has been at the forefront of their response to the crisis. Governments have employed digital technology to provide a health emergency response to their constituents, and businesses have seen an unprecedented rate of digital adoption across their supply chains. [...] There is an increased recognition that, in a post-COVID world, businesses and governments have to reinvent themselves through the further incorporation of digital technology in their ways of working, and that they must pursue long-term digital transformation in order to compete and operate both nationally and internationally. [...] At the same time, this sharp take-up of digital technology has exposed the widening digital divide not only between businesses themselves, but also between nations. According to the UN, around half of the world's population is offline. For those people who cannot, for example, access essential healthcare information, the digital divide has become a matter of life and death. [...] This paper looks at some of the trends that have emerged from this process of rapid and unplanned-for digital adoption."

2021 Royal Institute of International Affairs
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