Press Release: NEMA Addresses State Emergency Authorities in New Paper   [open pdf - 618KB]

From the Document: "The National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) has released an informational paper 'Considerations for State Legislation Addressing Emergency and Disaster Authorities'. More than 30 states have introduced bills in their legislatures this year that seek to limit a governor's emergency authorities during disasters. The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic, the longest lasting disaster in modern history, has caused governors to take unprecedented and prolonged actions to protect the health and safety of citizens. This has been done largely without legislative consultation given the surging virus required swift action by governors at a time when most legislatures were out of session. Now, some states are seeking ways to ensure checks and balances are in place between the legislative and executive branch during disasters. Proposed state legislation addresses, among other things, issues such as ending the state declared COVID disaster immediately; ending public health orders regarding social restrictions; limiting the governor's ability to suspend rules and statutes for disaster response; requiring legislative approval to extend an emergency beyond the initial declaration; allowing the legislature to terminate disaster declarations; and redefining the terms 'disaster' and 'emergency'." The informational paper is available here [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=850327].

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