Securing the NHL Global Series: How International Terrorism Can Threaten Hockey   [open pdf - 375KB]

From the thesis Astract: "The Canadian-born National Hockey League (NHL) has become more popular and more profitable due to its success within the North American market, particularly the United States. Because of this success, the NHL created its Global Series program to bring the world's most premier ice hockey to fans across the world, starting with Europe. American influence on NHL culture, marketing, and business has allowed the league to globalize in Europe, and this globalization poses specific and unique threats that stakeholders may not be considering--for example, terrorism. This thesis considers how the NHL can prepare to deal with the threat of international terrorism while operating overseas to ensure the safety and security of their personnel and events. The thesis concludes that anti-Americanism is an underlying, persistent, and increasing threat in Europe as NHL overseas operations expand. Specifically, this thesis finds that anti-Americanism is often easily linked with anti-capitalism, anti-globalization, and anti-culturalization movements in Europe. Ultimately, the thesis recommends that NHL Global Series security stakeholders consider the anti-American threat and sentiment in a host nation to secure the games. Further, this thesis recommends that NHL executives also consider anti-Americanism when planning future expansions."

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