Fire Service Intelligence: Informed Strategies, Operations, and Tactics   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis Abstract: "Fire service agencies struggle to receive and use relevant, agency-specific intelligence, which hampers their ability to prevent attacks, protect the community, mitigate an attack's impact, respond safely, and recover from such events. This thesis presents the intelligence requirements necessary to support the fire service and specifies how the fire service can use intelligence to guide strategic policy development, operational planning, and tactical decision-making. It employed a qualitative gap analysis, using a 15- question survey of fire service personnel, to compare the current state of the fire service intelligence apparatus with a desired future state. This thesis also used case analysis to identify current intelligence products to understand how well they support strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. This thesis identifies intelligence gaps from a broader fire-service audience and offers a holistic set of recommendations, thus contributing to intelligence research. The gaps involve collaborating with law enforcement on intelligence, establishing intelligence requirements to better support the fire service, handling sensitive information, and using finished intelligence for decision-making. This thesis recommends identifying and distributing intelligence requirements to the fire service, developing training and policy guidance on intelligence handling, and creating a joint intelligence guide."

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