DHS Official Reception and Representation Expenses: Second Quarter, Fiscal Year 2020 (Fiscal Year 2020 Report to Congress)   [open pdf - 655KB]

From the Background: "DHS uses appropriated funds for official reception and representation (ORR) purposes, as defined in Section IIA of this report. ORR funds may be expended only to extend official courtesies to guests of the United States and DHS for maintaining the standing and prestige of the United States and DHS. ORR funds may be used to fund official activities that further the interests of DHS or to extend official courtesies for other distinguished and prominent citizens who have made a substantial contribution to the United States or DHS. ORR funds are used for expenses incurred in connection with official agency events, typically characterized by a mixed ceremonial, social, and/or business purpose, and hosted in a formal sense by high-level agency officials. ORR funds are not used to pay for the cost of meals or refreshments for U.S. Government employees in connection with routine interagency or intra-agency working meetings. DHS extends official courtesies to federal, state, and local dignitaries and officials such as the President and the Vice President of the United States, members of the Cabinet, members of Congress and their professional staff, governors, mayors, citizen committees, and other distinguished or prominent citizens who have made a substantial contribution to the Nation or to DHS. The courtesies extended include the cost of luncheons, dinners, receptions, mementos, and participation expenses at DHS-sponsored events."

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