U.S. Election Assistance Commission: 2020 Annual Report   [open pdf - 14MB]

From the Chairman's Message: "Looking back on 2020, we are proud of the role we played and the work we did to assist state and local election officials as over 150 million Americans voted. The successful administration of the 2020 election provides reassurance that the foundation of America's democracy thrived amid record voter participation and despite a global pandemic. This was in no small part because of the herculean efforts by state and local election officials. Many of the successful measures they developed this year should improve the voting experience in future elections, like increasing the pool of poll workers and improving absentee/mail ballot operations. [...] Finally, our election infrastructure took a huge leap forward in matters of election security, with election officials as well as cyber and national security professionals declaring the November 3rd election 'the most secure in American history.' To maintain and build on this success, however, will require continued investment in the infrastructure of our democracy. Specifically, election officials regularly discuss the need for consistent federal funding that can sustain and grow the innovative practices we have seen."

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