Tribal Response Plan COVID-19: State of North Dakota   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "This comprehensive document was prepared by the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission and the American Indian Public Health Resource Center, and adapted from the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department's 'Tribal Response Plan COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] State of New Mexico,' with input from professionals and subject matter experts. It was designed to assist tribal governments by providing detailed information on such matters as testing, screening, accessing healthcare, restricting access to tribal lands in addition to working with state departments and agencies. It outlines steps, strategies and procedures to prevent the further spread of the virus or stem the potential surge of positive cases. These are unprecedented times, urgent circumstances that require quick responses to each unique situation that may occur or develop. This document will hopefully offer guidance and clarity in understanding what steps and measures can be instituted to address and minimize the spread of COVID- 19 [sic] with available state, local, tribal and non-governmental organization (NGO) resources."

North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission; American Indian Public Health Resource Center
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North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission: https://www.indianaffairs.nd.gov/
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