COVID-19 FAQ: At Home Learning Resources for Students with Disabilities   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Purpose: "The resources found in this document provide immediate, actionable information related to providing services to students with disabilities in a virtual environment. Use the table of contents to easily tab to the information most responsive to your needs as an administrator, educator, service provider, or parent. This document categorizes resources into general, disability-specific, service-specific, and parent resources and is intended to provide a starting point for virtual instruction for students with disabilities. Resources are repeated in each category if applicable to multiple needs. Resources may continue to be added to this document to assist stakeholders in identifying virtual learning resources that meet their specific needs for the population of students with disabilities they serve. Additionally, please continue to use your region and district resources as well. Your region and district are in close contact with TEA [Texas Education Agency], and there may be overlap among resources they suggest and those listed in this document. Also, refer to the Education Service Center (ESC) and the Local Education Agency (LEA) resources that are more specific to your local needs."

Texas Education Agency
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