Review of Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Current Practices and Lessons Learned from DOE's 'Partnership for Energy Sector Climate Resilience'   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Introduction: "Companies that joined the Department of Energy's (DOE) Partnership for Energy Sector Climate Resilience committed to identifying 'priority vulnerabilities to energy infrastructure assets and operations from extreme weather and climate change impacts' within nine months. [...] Changes in climate and extreme weather, including increasing temperatures, decreasing water availability, more intense storm events, and sea level rise have already damaged or disrupted electricity services. In the absence of concerted action to improve resilience, the ability of electric utilities to produce and transmit electricity, adjust to changes in population and the economy, and meet consumer energy demands are vulnerable. Impacts will vary by region, and the vulnerabilities faced by utilities may differ significantly depending on their specific exposure to the condition or event. An assessment of potential impacts and vulnerabilities can help utilities to better prepare for and be resilient to changing climate and extreme weather."

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