Anti-Vax Censorship on Social Media: Limiting or Lifesaving?   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Freedom of speech is arguably the most valued right granted in the American constitution, but how should it be limited in speech that potentially affects the health of communities and individuals? This controversy has recently hit the world of social media in regard to the growing number of 'anti-vax' [anti-vaccine] groups, or communities of parents concerned about the supposed dangers of vaccinating their children. As the online presence of anti-vaccine messages continues to increase--and potentially threatens the health of children and communities--the calls for limiting the reach of such messages have grown louder. Should communication asserting messages that seem to be wrong, unhelpful, or potentially harmful be censored or 'deplatformed' by private social media companies?"

University of Texas at Austin. Center for Media Engagement. Media Ethics Initiative
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Media Ethics Initiative: https://mediaethicsinitiative.org/
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