Fighting the Rise of the Anti-Vaccination Movement   [open pdf - 166KB]

From the Document: "A growing movement against vaccines has been gaining traction all around the world, and we are starting to hear about it more than ever before. Those who oppose vaccinating their children, who many call 'anti-vaxxers,' believe that vaccines ultimately cause more harm than good. Shockingly, skepticism around vaccines is not a new phenomena; it has existed since 'the smallpox vaccine introduction,' and continued 'unabated ever since' (Whelan 463). Though in recent years, media has accelerated the anti-vaccination movement as more people turn the the internet for information. This movement and their beliefs have piqued the interest, and concern, of people around the globe who wonder why someone would rally against life-saving vaccines. Anti-vaxxers' reason for not vaccinating is a combination of concern for the safety of their children and distrust of the pharmaceutical industry; paving the way for the many conspiracy theories that fuel the movement. The conspiracies rest upon the idea that 'data is faked and harmful side-effects of vaccines are hidden from the public to ensure that pharmaceutical industries and governments are able to make money' (Jolley and Douglas 459). At its very core, anti-vaxx conspiracy theories involve a denial of scientific evidence. As a result, anti-vaxxers believe in a variety of unfounded 'vaccine-injuries,' such as autism."

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