Paying for the Pandemic and a Just Transition   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Document: "Whether it's rehousing millions of displaced people in Bangladesh, or injecting trillions into the global economy to keep things afloat during the pandemic, the costs of these crises will continue to mount. As the debts rise, many will be asking, 'Who is going to pay for all this?' This report answers this question by bringing together ten progressive proposals that could pay for the costs of the pandemic and finance a just transition to a better world. In the words of economist Jayati Ghosh, this transition requires a 'global multicoloured new deal: red, green and purple'. Red - to fight against extreme wealth inequality, consolidation of corporate power and global poverty. Green - to prevent the imminent breakdown of ecological systems. Purple - to put essential care work at the center of our economic value system, acknowledging that working-class women across the world carry the heaviest burden of these crises. This report starts by looking at the costs of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] and estimates of what finance we would need to implement some of this multicolored new deal, before outlining ten progressive proposals that could cover these expenditures. What makes these proposals progressive is that they are designed to make those with the broadest shoulders pay."

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