Taking Back Control: A Resetting of America's Response to Covid-19   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] vaccines have arrived, with enough supply to vaccinate as many as 50 million people by the end of January. But these initial doses will do little in the short term to arrest an epidemic that is raging out of control. The United States is now reporting more than one million new coronavirus cases every week, hospitals are nearing capacities, and daily death tolls are at record levels. More Americans are now 'dying every day' from Covid-19 than died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 -- a rate of nearly 100,000 people per month. Meanwhile, American families have reached the end of their endurance, the economy may be sliding into another slowdown, and many children have lost nearly a year of schooling. The country cannot afford another six months of paralysis with schools and businesses widely shuttered while vaccines are manufactured and distributed. [...] [F]ar more must be done to slow the catastrophic spread of Covid-19, including fixing and augmenting the nation's testing system -- still plagued by supply constraints and delays. Such problems are the main reasons tests continue to be used mostly in people with symptoms or those in recent contact with someone with Covid-19. That is not enough. Instead of being reactive, testing must become a proactive tool to find asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infected individuals before they pass along their infections to others."

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Listed on December 30, 2020 [Critical Releases]