Test Results for Disk Imaging Tool: FTK Imager Version   [open pdf - 934KB]

From the Document: "This report is organized into the following sections: 1. Tested Tool Description. The tool name, version, vendor information, and support environment version (e.g., operating system version) are listed. 2. Testing Organization. The name and contact information of the organization that performed the tests are listed. 3. Results Summary. This section identifies any significant anomalies observed in the test runs. This section provides a narrative of key findings identifying where the tool meets expectations and provides a summary of any ways the tool did not meet expectations. The section also provides any observations of interest about the tool or about testing the tool, including any observed limitations or organization-imposed restrictions on tool use. 4. Test Environment. Description of hardware and software used in tool testing in sufficient detail to satisfy the testing organization's policy and requirements. 5. Test Result Details by Case. Automatically generated test results that identify anomalies. 6. Appendix: Additional Details. Additional administrative details for each test case such as, who ran the test, when the test was run, computer used, etc."

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