Final Report to the Deputy Attorney General Concerning the 1993 Confrontation at the Mt. Carmel Complex, Waco, Texas   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Introduction: "This report contains the findings of the Special Counsel in response to the questions directed to him by Attorney General Janet Reno in Order No. 2256-99, dated September 9, 1999. The questions pertain to the 1993 confrontation between federal law enforcement officials and the Branch Davidians at the Mt. Carmel complex near Waco, Texas. The Report is issued pursuant to Section (e) of Order No. 2256-99 which provides, in relevant part, that the Special Counsel shall submit 'to the maximum extent possible . . . a final report . . . in a form that will permit public dissemination.' The Office of Special Counsel has organized the Report in the following format: (I) a description of the Issues investigated by the Special Counsel; (II) the Conclusions of the Special Counsel; (III) a description of the Investigative Methods used by the Special Counsel; (IV) a Statement of Facts relevant to the Special Counsel's investigation; (V) Exhibits to the text of the Report; and (VI) Appendices that include a narrative summary of the relevant beliefs and practices of the Branch Davidians, a summary of expert findings, a chronological table of events, and the reports of experts retained by the Office of Special Counsel."

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