Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (Vol.3 No.4) [Winter 2020]   [open pdf - 5MB]

This Winter 2020 edition of the Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs contains the following articles: "戰略競爭?--Strategic Competition?" by Scott D. McDonald; "Risks and Benefits of Autonomous Weapon Systems: Perceptions among Future Australian Defence Force Officers" by Jai Galliott and Austin Wyatt; "India and the Quadrilateral Forum as a Means of US Deterrence in the Indo-­Pacific" by Daniel Myers; "Penetrating Artificial Intelligence-enhanced Antiaccess/Area Denial: A Challenge for Tomorrow's Pacific Air Forces" by Richard Uber; "Indonesia: Lessons for the US-China Geo-­economic Competition" by Kyle Richardson; "Sticks and Stones: Nuclear Deterrence and Conventional Conflict" by Kathryn M.G. Boehlefeld; "A War by Words: Language and Cultural Understanding in the Age of Information Warfare" by Peter Loftus, F. Jon Nesselhuf, and Howard Ward; "Japan Cancels Aegis Ashore: Reasons, Consequences, and International Implications" by Michael Unbehauen and Christian Decker; "Lassoing the Haboob: Countering Jama'at Nasr al-­Islam wal Muslimin in Mali, Part I" by Ryan CK Hess; "Lassoing the Haboob: Countering Jama'at Nasr al-­Islam wal Muslimin in Mali, Part II" by Ryan CK Hess; "A Peacekeeping Mission in Afghanistan: Pipedream or Path to Stability?" by Ryan C. Van Wie; "Path to Nuclear Weapons: Balancing Deterrence, Preemption, and Defense for South Korea" by Hyun Ji Rim; Stout Pilots and Aircraft: "Air Transport in the 1944 Burma-India Campaigns" by Christopher L. Kolakowski; and "Space Entanglements: The India-Pakistan Rivalry and a US-China Security Dilemma" by J. Wesley Hutto.

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