Department of Homeland Security 'Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers' Budget Overview (Fiscal Year 2019, Congressional Justification)   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Component Overview: "The strategic context presents the performance budget by tying together strategy, budget resource requests, programs, or PPAs [programs, projects and activities], and performance measures that gauge the delivery of results to our stakeholders. The Common Appropriation Structure (CAS) allows DHS to integrate the strategic programmatic view with our budget view of resources. With this structure, a significant portion of the Level 1 PPAs represent what DHS refers to as our mission programs. Mission support programs are also an important subset of our Level 1 PPAs that provide products and/or services to mission programs. Mission support capabilities include research and development, intelligence, training, and information sharing. Mission support programs may be cross-cutting and support multiple mission programs. Mission support also includes enterprise leadership, management and/or business administration services and describes the capabilities and activities that support the day-to-day management and back office functions enabling the Department to operate efficiently and effectively. Performance measures associated with our programs are presented in two measure sets, strategic and management measures."

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