How America's Schools Responded to the COVID Crisis   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is one of the gravest crises the country has seen in over a century. Few institutions have been affected more than schools. [...] The purpose of this study is to understand how schools responded and, in the process, to help policymakers understand what schools are likely to do this coming school year and the implications this may have for students. [...] Our data collection and analysis, focused on school and district website data, extends prior work in at least five ways: (1) we have a large and broad enough sample to present patterns of results by state and for traditional public schools (TPS), charter, and private schools ; (2) we combine our large sample of schools with many other forms of data to examine patterns in school responses along a wide variety of dimensions (student demographics, neighborhood internet access, school spending, and more); (3) we analyze not only whether schools are providing online learning, but the specific online tools that schools used and their capabilities, as these tools are especially important under remote learning; (4) we review prior research and combine findings to provide a broader picture of how schools responded; and (5) we propose and implement methods for improving website data validity and reliability for understanding school actions."

Annenberg Institute for School Reform
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