Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccine Readiness, and Other Health Products for COVID-19: A Module from the Suite of Health Service Capacity Assessments in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic   [open pdf - 535KB]

From the Introduction: "This tool was developed to ensure the provision of health products for COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] patients in designated COVID-19 facilities. It allows health facilities to assess the availability and status of stockout of critical COVID-19 medicines, equipment and supplies on site and to identify areas that need further attention to enable the facility to respond effectively to the pandemic. The proposed approach for measuring the availability of the above-mentioned health products is based on the presence of selected medicines, equipment or supplies on the day that the assessment is conducted and does not take into account expected stockouts. The products identified using this tool should always be available in the facilities. The tool has been designed to be user-friendly, taking into consideration the limited human resources available at this time to conduct and complete the assessment. It can be used as a general reference for assessing COVID-19 case management and capacities in conjunction with other more detailed harmonized assessment modules produced by WHO [World Health Organization]. The proposed list of medicines should be adapted to national and local contexts by taking into account the country's essential medicines list."

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