Covid-19 Disinformation and Social Media Manipulation: Twisting the Truth: Ongoing Inauthentic Activity Promoting Falun Gong, the 'Epoch Times' and Truth Media Targets Australians on Facebook   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "This short investigation examines two suspicious Facebook pages that promote content supportive of Falun Gong and its associated media entities, including the 'Epoch Times' and New Tang Dynasty (NTD) media, yet don't declare any direct affiliation. Both pages display behaviours reminiscent of two networks previously removed from the platform, which Facebook attributed as linked to Truth Media and Epoch Media Group. One of the pages is run primarily by Australian-based moderators, while the other is run from Vietnam. These pages are using different strategies, including paid advertisements, systematically sharing content into Australian Facebook groups (including fringe and conspiracy groups), and attempting to drive traffic to 'Epoch Times' and Falun Gong-affiliated sites. Despite the different approaches, however, the pages are broadly aligned in their messaging and seek to influence Australians on a range of issues, including Australia's relationship with China, opinions of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and the leadership of the Victorian state government."

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