Defending American Democracy in the Post-Truth Age: A Roadmap to a Whole-Of-Society Approach   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "False narratives increasingly threaten U.S. democratic society and evolving adversaries and technology are making it more difficult for authorities and the public to differentiate between fact, opinion, and falsehoods. Despite experts proposing a variety of recommendations to mitigate this threat, the United States does not have a national-level strategy in place to combat deceptive messaging in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. The author analyzed over 170 recommendations for a U.S. strategy and found that many of them hinge on broad coordination between all U.S. stakeholders, which includes, but is not limited to, all levels of government, private sector, academia, media, and civil society. To identify how the United States can achieve the coordination needed to combat deceptive messaging, the author conducted a case study of the role of coordination in the European Union (EU) response to disinformation and an assessment of collective impact, a cross-sector coordination method used for complex social problems, for use in the United States. The conclusions of the case study and assessment endorse U.S. government practitioners to use collective impact and components of existing practices in the EU response to disinformation to build a coordinated national strategy to challenge those who wish to harm American democracy and U.S. interests via cyber-based deceptive messaging."

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