China's Artificial Intelligence Dream: A Threat to the U.S. Third Offset Strategy   [open pdf - 800KB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "The US announced the Defence Innovation Initiative in 2014 to pursue technological innovation resulting in the Third Offset Strategy. The Strategy focused on leveraging the US core competencies in the field of unmanned systems and automation. It sought to offset the progress of its competitors in the field of cyber, EW [electronic warfare], counterspace, and the development of A2AD [anti-access area denial]. In 2017, Chinese leadership riding on two decades of high economic growth and global ambition launched a Next Generation AI [artificial intelligence] Development Plan (AIDP) to capitalize on the transformative potential of AI. Chinese leadership believes that being at the forefront of the AI technologies is critical to the future of global military and economic power competition. Both The United States and China recognize the AI's potential to change the character of the battlefield. Strategic competition between both countries for AI dominance is unprecedented due to economic gains, strategic risks, and fluid interactions between AI communities. With each country having fundamentally different advantages and disadvantages, the race for AI dominance will come down to a competition between AI strategies of both countries."

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