Groundwater Quality in Relation to Drinking Water Health Standards and Geochemical Characteristics for 54 Domestic Wells in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, 2017 [July 2020]   [open pdf - 6MB]

From the Purpose and Scope: "The purpose of this report is to evaluate the groundwater quality of private domestic-supply wells in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, in relation to (1) drinking-water standards and (2) geochemical characteristics. To meet these objectives, groundwater samples from 54 domestic wells throughout the county were collected from May through September of 2017. The samples were analyzed for physical and chemical properties, including major ions, nutrients, fecal-indicator bacteria, trace elements, VOCs [volatile organic compound], ethylene and propylene glycol, alcohols, gross-alpha/beta-particle activity, uranium, radon-222, and dissolved gases. A subset of samples was analyzed for radium isotopes (radium-226 and -228) and for the isotopic composition of methane. The measured concentrations of selected constituents were compared to the EPA drinking-water standards (MCL [maximum contaminant levels], SMCL [secondary maximum contaminant levels], and screening values) that apply to public-water supplies. The relations among observed groundwater-quality characteristics, geology, topographic setting, land use, and other environmental variables associated with sampled wells are evaluated to explain the variability in the current (2017) quality of the groundwater. This study was conducted by the USGS [U.S. Geological Survey] in cooperation with the Clinton County Commissioners."

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Scientific Investigations Report 2020-5022 Version 1.1
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