Future of Youth Justice: A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Mode   [open pdf - 649KB]

From the Introduction: "Is America getting what it wants and needs by incarcerating in youth prisons young people who get in trouble with the law? If not, is there a better way? For 170 years, since our first youth correctional institution opened, America's approach to youth incarceration has been built on the premise that a slightly modified version of the adult correctional model of incarceration, control, coercion, and punishment -- with a little bit of programming sprinkled in -- would rehabilitate young people. Sometimes the names attempt to camouflage the nature of the facility, but whether they are called 'training schools' or 'youth centers,' nearly all of these facilities are youth prisons. Whether the benefits and costs of youth prisons are weighed on a scale of public dollars, community safety, or young people's futures, they are damaging the very people they are supposed to help and have been for generations. It is difficult to find an area of U.S. policy where the benefits and costs are more out of balance, where the evidence of failure is clearer, or where we know with more clarity what we should be doing differently."

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Report No. 2
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