'Whoever Finds the Vaccine Must Share It': Strengthening Human Rights and Transparency Around Covid-19 Vaccines   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Equitable access to a safe and effective Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] vaccine on a global scale could be critical to enable governments in all countries to prevent severe illness and death while protecting livelihoods, getting children back to school, and enabling economic recovery. 'Whoever Finds the Vaccine Must Share It' examines how governments are using public money to fund Covid-19 vaccines on an unprecedented scale, with some pre-booking vaccines in opaque deals with pharmaceutical companies, universities, or research institutes. This approach raises a number of questions and concerns: Will low- and middle-income countries get access to vaccines? How, when, and at what cost? This report outlines the human rights obligations of governments and urges them to maximize equitable access and affordability worldwide. To protect the global population's rights, including to life, health, and a decent standard of living, all governments should work together to ensure participation, transparency, and accountability in vaccine research, development, and manufacturing."

2020 Human Rights Watch
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