Economic Justice: Fighting Racial Disparities During COVID-19 and Beyond   [open pdf - 527KB]

From the Executive Summary: "Every American has been affected by this crisis, and people of color are suffering the greatest toll. Over 190,000 Americans have died, a disproportionate number of them being from communities of color. Black and Latinx individuals, already three times more likely to get COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] due to a number of systemic factors, are also suffering higher rates of unemployment and hunger. Black-owned businesses are shutting down twice as fast as others. And families of color are in greater danger of losing their homes. These unequal outcomes are not by fluke or coincidence. Generations of racist policies and practices, including housing and employment discrimination, have precluded many Black Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, and Asian Americans from building generational wealth, receiving an equitable education, accessing capital to start a business, or owning their own homes. From the start, these communities were most vulnerable to the economic fallout from COVID-19. Without action, they face a longer road to recovery as well. Senate Democrats have a plan to help communities respond to the pandemic and begin to address decades of discrimination and underinvestment. The Economic Justice Act commits $350 billion to immediate investments in jobs, child care, health care including mental health, as well as long-term investments that will build lasting wealth and health in these communities."

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