Covid-Related Misinformation on YouTube: 'The Spread of Misinformation Videos on Social Media and the Effectiveness of Platform Policies'   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Summary: "For this memo, we identified all Covid [coronavirus disease 2019]-related videos which circulated on social media, but which YouTube eventually removed because they contained false information. Between October, 2019 and June, 2020 there were 8,105 such videos - less than 1% of all YouTube videos about the coronavirus. We find that: [1] It took YouTube on average 41 days to remove videos containing false information, based on a subset of videos for which this data was available. [2] Surprisingly, Covid-related misinformation videos do not find their audience through YouTube itself, but largely by being shared on Facebook. [3] Facebook placed warning labels about false information only on 55 videos, less than 1% of the misinformation videos shared on the platform. [4] Misinformation videos were shared almost 20 million times on social media, which is more than the shares gathered by the five largest English-language news sources on YouTube combined."

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COMPROP Data Memo 2020.6; Computational Propaganda Project Data Memo 2020.6
Computational Propaganda Project
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