Afghan Women and Girls: Status and Congressional Action [September 11, 2020]   [open pdf - 454KB]

From the Document: "The status of Afghan women and girls has improved since 2001 by some metrics, but arguably remains precarious. Given the formerly ruling Taliban's views on women's rights, and entrenched cultural attitudes (particularly in rural areas), the status of Afghan women and girls has long been a topic of congressional concern and action. Concern among some Members of Congress has increased in light of the ongoing withdrawal of U.S. troops, scheduled to be completed by spring 2021. Some experts warn that a full U.S. military withdrawal could pave the way for the Taliban to return to power--either by military force or through a political settlement--and that women's rights could be compromised. Since 2001, Members of Congress have used a number of oversight and funding-related legislative measures to promote and safeguard the rights of Afghan women, and may consider the efficacy and sustainability of such approaches as the U.S. reduces its military footprint and as the Afghan conflict and political dynamic evolve."

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