Corticosteroids for COVID-19   [open pdf - 540KB]

From the Background: "As of 1 September 2020, 25,327,098 people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019], according to the international World Health Organization (WHO) dashboard. The pandemic has claimed 848,255 lives, and a resurgence in the number of new cases and continued growth is some countries has threatened high- and low-resource countries alike. Although recent evidence suggested that remdesivir may be effective in reducing the time to clinical improvement in patients with severe COVID-19, the magnitude of reduction in time to clinical improvement and the impact of this antiviral agent on mortality and other important outcomes remains uncertain. Where the host immune response may drive the pathophysiology of disease, there has been substantial uncertainty regarding the role of corticosteroids in improving clinical outcomes and reducing mortality in patients with COVID-19. This clinical practice guideline was triggered by the dissemination of the preliminary report of the RECOVERY trial on 22 June 2020, which suggested that dexamethasone 6 mg given once daily for up to 10 days versus usual care reduced 28-day mortality (482/2104 [22.9%] of patients allocated dexamethasone versus 1110/4321 [25.7%] of patients allocated to usual care; age-adjusted rate ratio [RR] 0.83; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.75-0.93; P < 0.001)."

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